Our value is in our ability to provide end-to-end turnkey logistics solutions through our mature network of partners at either end of the supply chain. Through coordination with our partners we will enable and ensure your cargo reaches its final destination in-tact and without delay, safely and securely.

We can do this through leveraging our relationships across the region in joining the dots, not only to facilitate clearances but also provide a security envelope in whatever area we are operating in. We can provide these services to internationally recognised and compliant standards at the most competitive prices.

The structure and mature network in our MEA/ Asia business will enable cargo to move from point of disembarkation through sea, land and air transit hubs to your required destination delivering a last mile solution. We have the capability to manage import and export nuances at border interfaces that will ensure cargo is not needlessly delayed with unnecessary bureaucracy.

What We Do

Eignerac Logistics and Commodities is a Commercial brokerage in the logistics space in difficult environments.

With our Regional partners, Eigenrac L & C provides our clients with reliable, transparent and compliant supply chain logistical solutions in the most austere and complex environments. We understand that hold ups and delays in the supply chain can have severe impact not only operationally but also have a significant negative impact to project budgets. Our fortified solutions will deliver cargo on time and within budget. We will deliver regular situation reports and maintain client visibility of the cargo in transit.


To work with governments, the international community, and commercial organisations in the development of sustainable nationalised programme’s and initiatives, that will support the goal of peace and stability in post conflict and challenging environments, underpinning economic growth and prosperity.


To provide unrivalled best practice and transparent end to end supply chain and Logistical Solutions supporting our clients wishing to bring stability to post conflict and complex countries.

Our Services

Eigenrac and partners provide global 3PL logistical supply chain solutions for all cargo shipments and freight forwarding requirements. We provide safe and secure end-to-end supply chain operations for cargo being shipped via sea, land or air. Collectively we offer multi-modal and Inter-modal freight shipping solutions by Land, with a track and trace system and or physical security options to ensure our clients cargo reaches its final destination safely, securely and on time. We will manage all customs related processes and procedures for the clearance of both controlled and non-controlled cargo, of any size or volume from the distribution location to end users location.


Eigenrac L&C and partners provide highly efficient sea freight shipping solutions to support businesses and organisations operating in the MENA region. We offer seamless and cost-effective supply chain management solutions; we work hand in hand with renowned global shipping agents to provide our clients with track and trace global sea cargo freight services at the most competitive prices.


Offering safe and secure over land transportation options for controlled and non-controlled cargo of any transportable size or volume. Our services cover the last mile logistics, affording our clients assurances of delivery of their shipment. Eigenrac can facilitate over land logistical solutions by utilising the services of renowned, licenced, and registered transportation companies. If the cargo is arriving by air or sea, we will be present when it arrives at the port or hub of delivery, our partners will assist and manage custom clearance procedures with the relevant authorities, upon completion of the process, our team will manage transit of the assets safely to the agreed delivery destination.


We provide highly efficient and cost-effective options for global air cargo services with a track and trace capability. Eigenrac will plan and design a solution in collaboration with our extensive network of international and domestic carriers. Due to the time sensitivity that comes hand in hand with the requirement for air freight services, effective communications between the client and carrier are critical to ensure we find the most financially viable and efficient option for ensuring the timely shipment of high value assets.

Eigenrac L&C and our strategically positioned partners have come together with a selected network of first-class industry renowned shipping couriers, to offer our clients highly efficient, cost-effective, integrated third-party logistics (3PL) intermodal solutions. These are designed to enable our clients to continue their business operations, re-establishing operational functionality and business continuity throughout the 34 provinces of Afghanistan. We provide safe, secure, fast, and regulatory compliant logistical solutions, that are bespoke and tailored to our clients’ needs in a changing and complex landscape. Our solutions are planned, managed and executed by a highly experienced team of logistical and security professionals, who jointly deliver true Turnkey 3PL solutions.

Eigenrac L&C’s logistics solutions for freight forwarding to the ‘last mile’ for goods delivered by sea, land and air, utilising multi-modal transportation options that cater for all requirements provide a seamless process of collection, transit, track & trace and delivery your cargo into Afghanistan. This can be achieved via either Pakistan’s Port of Karachi or Kabul International Airport as well as other land borders.


Eigenrac L&C will conduct mandatory risk assessments, identifying and assessing all threats and risks associated with the task. We will mitigate identified risks in line with customer appetite and implement a robust contingency plan to counteract any residual risk factors. We will conduct thorough due diligence checks across our registered shipping agents, assigning the best placed air or sea freight forwarding agent and security escort team to ensure we have the most efficient and cost-effective solution possible.

Eigenrac L&C will assist or conduct the legal and regulatory customs compliance processes and procedures at the chosen border interface at which ever facility at the Port of Karachi cargos transit through, (Karachi Port Trust, Muhammad Bin Qasim Port or the newly developed Gwadar Port).

We ensure a smooth and transparent border transition for cargo with the independent Pakistan and Afghanistan authorities. This notoriously difficult transit route often see’s significant loss of cargo impacting client’s bottom line and operational efficiencies. Eigenrac L&C can assure secure passage for cargo, we can do this utilising our leveraged relationships whilst also meeting the relevant authority’s regulatory custom clearance requirements.

We offer unmatchable security escort solutions to our customers. Our security team will meet the cargo at the border interface, where control and ownership of all assets will be maintained providing a holistic security bubble for the duration of the overland transit to the given destination.

Eigenrac L&C and Partners logistically support the following clientele

  • Humanitarian Aid Organisations
  • Non-Profit Organisations
  • United Nation Organisations
  • Non-Government Organisations
  • Reconstruction Projects
  • Critical National Infrastructure Projects
  • Pharmaceutical Sector
  • Travel and Entertainment Sector
  • Retail Sector
  • Construction Industry
  • What we offer our clients, that sets us apart from the competition

    • Procurement and supply chain services
    • A seamless and compliant cargo collection, movement and delivery service inbound and outbound
    • An analysed, planned and executed solution that meets with the clients’ expectations and budget requirements
    • Assurances of a successful solution as a direct result of our strategic partnerships
    • Our logistics team will assess and plan a solution in close coordination with the client, saving time and money
    • Efficient and safe handling of your cargo/assets during transit
    • Dedicated industry expertise, management and oversight of the solution throughout the task

    • Efficient and compliant multi-modal transportation solutions
    • Task efficient and cost-effective intermodal transportation solutions
    • Track & Trace - Continuous tracking of assets in transit
    • Safe, secure and timely delivery of cargo/assets
    • Affordable warehousing and distribution services in Pakistan and Afghanistan
    • Specialist handling transportation temperature-controlled cargo
    • Customs and border clearance services
    • Checkpoint facilitation services
    • Greener logistical processes and procedures
    • Insurance against loss or damage of cargo/assets during any phase of the task, collection, transit, delivery or in storage
    Eigenrac L&C offer efficient sea freight shipping solutions to support businesses and organisations operating in the region with seamless and cost-effective supply chain management solutions. Eigenrac L&C and partners work hand in hand with renowned global shipping agents to provide our clients with a world class sea cargo freight service. From almost any destination in the world we can collect your freight and deliver to either Karachi Port Trust, Muhammed Bin Qasim Port or the newly developed Gwadar Port, who together form the Gateway to Pakistan. On successful customs clearance our Pakistan security partner will take ownership of the cargo, assign road assets to task and escort the cargo to the Pakistan/Afghanistan border.
    Eigenrac will deliver a safe and secure land/road multi-modal last mile transportation between Pakistan and Afghanistan, utilising the services of our licenced and approved Pakistan security partner. We will be present when the cargo arrives at port of delivery, assisting with the management and custom clearance procedures with the port authorities. Upon completion of the clearance process we will load and transport the cargo via the main highway through the Khyber Pass to the Pakistan/ Afghanistan border crossing point at Torkham. Once at the border our Pakistan security partner will coordinate with the authorities and secure safe passage of the cargo through the crossing points. Upon reaching the Afghanistan border our licenced and approved Afghanistan security partner will assist the border authorities with the customs process, take ownership and responsibility of the road assets and cargo and provide safe and secure passage via all checkpoints to the final destination.
    Offering highly efficient air freight shipping services with full track and trace capability, via our network of international and domestic carriers. Eigenrac L&C has built and developed a list of registered specialist air freight carriers operating commercial, cargo and charter airframes that transit in and out of Afghanistan from many key hubs across the region. Due to the time sensitivity that comes hand in hand with a client’s requirement for air freight services, we will collaborate closely in a timely manner with all stakeholders to find the most cost-effective and efficient option for shipment of high value assets, meeting time and budgetary requirements. We will assist with the mandatory export and import regulatory processes and procedures and associated documentation for Delivery at Place and Delivery Duty Paid shipments. Upon arrival at the chosen delivery hub, our licenced and approved Afghanistan security provider will collect the air freight from the customs storage facility, providing safe and secure escort services to the final destination.

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